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In the supervision programme, I accompany you in your practice as a leader, manager or coach.

I help you understand the phenomena of human support in order to facilitate your personal questioning, to help you regulate the relationship with your interlocutors, and to enhance treatment of the problems that they bring to you.

In a safe and inspiring environment, share your experiences and questions.

Take a step back from your practice. Identify the blind spots of your professional posture.

Redesign your inner architecture to create new representations and action plans.

Make your interventions more relevant and impactful.


Here, you are enriched by the many approaches and options offered by the group.

Being accompanied and accompanying everyone also enables you to progress in your skills.

Benefit from collective intelligence and the insights of reading and comprehension

which emerge from the group.

You can be supervised using one of the following supervision methods:

Supervision facilitée par le cheval.jpg

Supervision facilitated by the horse

Benefit from the horses' immediate feedback on the impact of your problem on your behaviors and emotions and let new solutions emerge.

1 day / quarter

Supervision Mapping Systémique.jpg

Systemic Mapping Supervision

Place the elements of your problem or your questions, understand the interactions at work and create a new dynamic.

1 day / quarter


At the rate of a two-hour session every four to six weeks, we explore together, in depth, your requests and questions. In addition to the classic questioning during supervision, I can offer individual supervision with the horse, generative coaching or individual systemic mapping.

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